Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LauraZukaite.com- the Dream Team behind the scenes: Adriana

In this post of the Dream Team series i would like to introduce you to Adriana Andujar- the genius behind the Website DESIGN!

This is what Adriana says about herself:

I'm originally from a small island called Puerto Rico. I came to NYC at the tender age of 18 with aspirations to leave island life behind and study some sort of design. Four years later, I graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Design & Technology while doing a dual program with the New School studying Design & Psychology. I currently work in the Flatiron District and reside in the lovely borough of Brooklyn, with my cat, HeyMercedes. My recent work for Hertz has been written up in both the New York Times & the Wall Street Journal.

Words to describe me: Vivacious, quick-witted, steadfast.

My passion is furniture design. I live, eat and breathe great pieces of furniture, mostly of scandinavian descent. I love making my house a home, little by little.

I can't knit and I've never knitted anything before in my life!

My favorite piece from the golden girl collection would have to be the Golden Sun Camisole :)

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