Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LUXE KNITS Review on Classic Elite's Newsletter 10/27

Classic Elite's Newsletter 10/27:

There is a FREE pattern of Kumara Arm-Warmers on Classic Elite's Website:

http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/WebLetter/111/Issue111.phppattern image

“In Luxe Knits I wanted to show how design evolves: from an initial inspiration to an interpretation of technique; from technique to fashion sketches; and from sketches to an actual garment.”

So begins the introduction to Laura Zukaite’s new book, a collection of 26 sweaters and accessories. The ‘luxe’ part has to do with the fibers she chose to work with—silks, cashmeres, handpainted linen, etc. But even if you can’t afford to treat yourself to an expensive skein of yarn, Laura’s garments are well worth working up in more affordable fibers. And her creative exploration of tried and true knitting moves make this book well worth investing in.

For example, the first chapter explores knitted folds in stockinette stitch—the technique in which you knit a few rows then pick up a previous row of stitches to create a horizontal tuck. Laura uses delicate rings of sculpted tucks to trim the cuffs on sleek cashmere gloves and to embellish a simple striped hat. In other projects, tuck-folds help an attached scarf fold and drape and on a simple rectangular shrug, they make a striking design element

In subsequent chapters, Laura explores the possibilities in smocking, cables, combining yarns of different colors to create tonal effects, honeycomb patterns, and freeform crochet. (A perfectly plain stockinette sweater with a crocheted butterfly to fill in the cut-out back is one of several truly knockout pieces.) Bags, gloves, mitts, even jewelry find a place in Luxe Knits, as well as sweaters, wraps, and two very wearable skirts.

Not least of the pleasures in Luxe Knits are Laura Zukaite’s fashion illustrations. It’s fun to see the imagined piece in counterpoint to the photo of the final, realized sweater. And knitters will appreciate the book's layout. Instructions for each design are shown with multiple photos of the garment. As you knit, you can check the instructions against the pictureS.

 pattern image                    

Friday, October 23, 2009

Painting Process = Sweater Design Process

I forgot how much i love Drawing & Painting... really- considering all the years i had in Arts Training - i wish i had more time for myself to just sit down and draw draw draw...

I started thinking about painting for a reason- since to me the Painting Process is no different than the Sweater Design Process i recently described in my book Luxe Knits:
It starts with an inspiration...

Then the line sketch...
Then the colored sketch...

And only then you do the actual painting...

...i thought a couple mural paintings i did a while ago could best describe the process...here is another one...
Initial sketches:

Finished Mural:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Sweater World! My Job- My Everyday!

I have landed my first job at Polo Ralph Lauren just out of school: joined the Polo Jeans crew to be a part of their Sweater Team!

A lot of times I am being asked what I do at work…thinking that we just draw pretty pictures…well- that too…but it is way more complex than just that: my everyday consists of doing lots of fashion research, sharing ideas, having extensive design meetings, choosing yarns, choosing colors, fitting the prototypes to make sure they look good on, creating technical packages for the factories to follow, communicating with the factories on any questions they might have about our designs, providing any construction diagrams they need to understand the sweater details we want…and many other little things to assure the end result of the product to be flawless… This fall Europe & Asia can enjoy our sweaters in their stores already:

Images from Polo Jeans Fall'10 Add Campaign

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crochet is BIG! Let's Make a Crochet Tank!

Lots & lots of Crochet was seen all throughout New York, London, Milan & Paris Shows for SP'10

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SHRUGS are IN!- lets make a Cinched Shrug (SP'10 runway review)

Chloe & YSL are showing many "Shrugged" jackets for Spring'10- so the item to make is the Cinched Shrug!
Black is definitely the biggest shrug color followed by other neutral tones.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Initial Inspiration & Ideas for Butterfly Variations Chapter.