Monday, March 28, 2011

Sneak Preview: Website Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Part 1

This past Sunday was a very exciting day: we were shooting for the website is far from being launched- but i am very excited to share little bits of what was happening on the crime scene:

First let me introduce you to the fabulous Ashly Priest- my amazing supermodel sister from another mister who best describes herself as "I am a lean, mean, party-planning-event-producing-partnership-fostering-philanthropic-giving-newsletter-writing-lingerie-designing-sexy machine! WOOOOOOO!!!!!"

...and her magic make-up kit (you should have seen the suitcase poor Ashly had to carry for this)...

Second- the super talented photographer Marc Hall ( who was juggling two cameras and tons of lights...honestly, i don't even know how he did it all!

...Third- Pearl Naidoo Jewelry (

...Fourth- and very important- these babies (poor Ashly again had to make it work by mastering twists and turns on these heels)...

...and finally- all of them together in action!

PS more Sneak Preview from behind the scenes coming soon!