Monday, December 27, 2010

Earflap Hat Errata- Luxe Knits: the Accessories page 20

MB- make a bobble: knit into the front and back of the bar between the two stitches twice (4 sts are coming out of one stitch), turn; sl1, p3, turn; sl2, k3, turn; sl1, p3, turn; sl1, k2tog, k1, turn; p3tog, turn and slip this stitch onto the right hand needle.

Aran/Bobble Panel (over 30 sts):
NOTE: while the hat is knitted in a round, the following rows are given as you were knitting without turning your work.
Round 1: P1, *p4, k4,-rep from *, end p5.
Round 2 (and every even round except for rounds 8 & 14): K the knits & P the purls.
Round 3: P2, *p2, Tw3B, Tw3F,-rep from *, end p4.
Round 5: P3, *Tw3B, p2, Tw3F,-rep from *, end p3.
Round 7: P3, k2 *p2, MB, p2, C4F,-rep from *, end p2, MB, p2, k2, p3.
Round 8: K the knits & P the purls- but P2tog the bobble stitch tog with 1 stitch before it.
Round 9: P3, *Tw3B, p2, Tw3F,-rep from *, end p3.
Round 11: P4, *Tw3B, Tw3F, p2,-rep from *, end p2.
Round 13: P5, *C4B, p2, MB, p2,-rep from *, end p2, C4B, p5.
Round 14: K the knits & P the purls- but P2tog the bobble stitch tog with 1 stitch before it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Check out RUGBY Sweaters!!!!

I am so excited to be a part of it! Check out all the RUGBY Holiday Sweaters:
And my personal pick: Deer Holiday Sweater!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Check out Vogue Knitting Holiday! I have a design in there!

Coming out November 9th, 2010!
Vogue Knitting Holiday 2010, photo by Paul Amato

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bike & Wine

I am often asked what inspires me...or what would i do on my perfect day off... I have to say that last weekend i had plenty of inspiring moments and here is one i am going to share: Bike & Wine...

Were: New Paltz, NY- Adair Wineyards
How: Rented Bicycles
When: Sunday Afternoon

first time i did this- we managed to take wrong turns three times...this time i knew how to get there with my eyes closed!

Rented bicycle from the local bike shop in New Paltz...

local grapes...

Monday, August 30, 2010

North Fork Century Ride 8/29/10

Yet another BEAUTIFUL day and another great Century Rife in North Fork, NY.

Rest Stops with bicycles everywhere you can see...and delicious food!

100 miles later there was beer awaiting at Greenport Brewing Company!

...i only wish i could teleport myself and the bike home after a long ride like this...but still had to catch LIRR back to the city...

...the best part of taking the train back home- i even got some knitting done!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010