Monday, July 18, 2011 the Dream Team behind the scenes: Ashly

This is the first post of the continuous Dream Team series where I will be making posts about my amazing group of the most talented friends that made come true!

The first on the spot- the Model: Ashly Priest with the capital A! Which not only stands for Awesomeness- but also for The A-list that Ashly runs! Curious what it is? Ask Ashly about it!

Ashly had answered a few questions about herself and knitting:

In 5 sentences- tell me tell me your life story.
AP-1. Big fish in a small pond.
2. Bigger dreams and bigger goals.
3. The city called my name.
4. Life is full of ups and downs.
5. Time to make it or break it!

In 3 words- describe yourself.
AP-Reliable. Excitable. Precocious.

Tell me what your passion is: what do you do?
AP - I love bringing people together to have a good time. Sort of my second job as a party planning extraordinaire, but I also really love fashion design. I design lingerie which may not seem like much, but in such a small garment there is so much intricate construction! And think about it, you may not wear a jacket every day, but (almost) everybody is wearing underwear!

Do you knit? Can you draw yourself wearing the very first thing you knitted? If you don’t- can you draw yourself wearing a “perfect 1st project” you would take upon?
AP - I tried knitting in college, and I am not that good at it. I made lots of little sample squares and one very long and skinny scarf. I would like to make another scarf someday, something soft and long and luxurious that could be wrapped around a bunch of times.

For fun: what do you think “a loose knitter” is?
AP - I have no idea! Someone that doesn't like to make tight fitting sweaters?! Hahaha

And Lastly- what is your personal favorite pick from the Golden Girl Collection?
AP - Love, love, love the jeweled hat!

You can see Ashly wearing her favorite piece here:

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