Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Win the wonderful One+One: Scarves, Shawls & Shrugs copy!

I have one copy of the book to give away!
Please leave a comment on this post to enter to win!!!


  1. This book is definitely on my to-get list. I hope I win! :)

  2. That book seems lovely, so I would like to win it :)

    - I have just come to know about you as knitter throug a blog - you knit and design lovely things

  3. Too many lovely designs...many a happy night's knitting will come from this book <3

  4. For inspiration! Thank you to let it go!

  5. A beautiful book with lots of inspiation for luxuy knitting!

  6. I would love to have this book - looks very inspirational - especially the cover photo!

  7. I would LOVE to have this! This is on my list of knitting books to buy this spring. I need to make a shawl for summer weddings :)

  8. Just want to say that you are very talented!!! I know I've said it before, but it don't hurt to say it again, or here it again. Would love to have the book.

  9. I love your designs. You bring knitting to a new level; your creativity helps redefine what a knitter can do. Thank you for your inspiration.

  10. I'd love to show this book off to my knitting group.

  11. Love the designs in this book!

  12. I live shawls. Pick me! Pick me!

  13. So much wonderful yarn, so many beautiful patterns, so little time!! I would love to win this - thanks for the opportunity

  14. I would love to have this book, look fun and easy, affordable is in my wish list , wish was in Spanish so i can share it with my sister, have a blessed, crafty and creative day, Clara

  15. All the projects are lovely. I would love to win the book!

  16. This book is so beautyful! And you can do most of the projects with relatively small amounts of yarn :)

  17. I'd love to win this book, full of wonderful patterns!

  18. Beautiful picks and patterns. Eager to get my knitting happening

  19. A friend of mine just got this and I am so jealous!

  20. I have just started knitting again after a 16 year break. This book would be perfect to get me back in the knitting groove :-)

  21. Sgeorge24@yahoo.comApril 1, 2012 at 8:01 PM

    This is a must-have book. The cover pattern is adorable!!

  22. I am half-Lithuanian and a devoted knitter and feel a sort of kinship with Laura. Grandma Drazdys wore a babushka; granddaughter is knitting a cashmere Smocking Beret!

  23. Just to make it fair to everyone (since I have been told after I posted this give-away on Facebook- that I am not allowed to do that and that Facebook terms prohibits any giveaways)- I am pasting all the Facebook comments here and will be drawing the lucky winner in a few moments:
    Melodie Smith I can't wait to see what's under the cover! I want the book already...just from the little green caplet on the cover. Sweet.
    March 27 at 10:09pm · Like

    Catherine Freedman Myers That shawl on the cover is very pretty.
    March 27 at 10:10pm · Like

    Sue Severson Bray Love the little caplet on the cover - would be adorable for my daughter. :)
    March 27 at 10:11pm · Like

    Connie Specht Such a gorgeous cover shawl!!
    March 27 at 10:12pm · Like

    Becky Love Nelson I love shawls. Though I don't have many places to wear them I still want to make more
    March 27 at 10:15pm · Like

    Marion Naylor Love love love this green mini shawl!! drooling here
    March 27 at 10:16pm · Like

    Lorna's Laces Gorgeous!
    March 27 at 10:17pm · Like

    Susan Howard Love the cover pattern! I want to see what's inside...!
    March 27 at 10:17pm · Like

    Clarisse Fournier I want it!! I love shawls and shrugs, this is some of the most funny things to knit! Specially for a beginner.
    March 27 at 10:17pm · Like

    Theresa Hagerman Crowell LOVE it! I love scarves, shawls, and shrugs!!!!
    March 27 at 10:18pm · Like

    Heidi Leeck LOVE the dress! Love that the projects take 2 skeins. Beautiful yarns to make garments at a reasonable cost.
    March 27 at 10:19pm · Like

    Maris Pancho hOPE to win it.
    March 27 at 10:19pm · Like

    Pam Scriber this is an incredible book would love to gift it to a friend with yarn as a gift
    March 27 at 10:19pm · Like

    Leda E. Behseresht For fun!
    March 27 at 10:20pm · Like

    Lynn Michele Johnson I love Iris' patterns! They are so beautiful!
    March 27 at 10:21pm · Like

    Jennifer Thomas-Rich Would LOVE...LOVE...LOVE to have this book!!!
    March 27 at 10:21pm · Like

    Kim Edwards Paul If you win it, you could practice the patterns by making me something :)
    March 27 at 10:23pm · Like · 1

    Sally Brook Love these patterns!
    March 27 at 10:24pm · Like

    Mily González Alpízar Love it!!! ... and let me share it with friends!!! : )
    March 27 at 10:24pm · Like

    Natalia Uribe Wilson Yes, please!
    March 27 at 10:25pm · Like

    Kelly Conrad Pick me please!! ;-)
    March 27 at 10:27pm · Like

    Elke Probst Great looking projects and with only two skeins a quick knit - love it
    March 27 at 10:29pm · Like

    Mary Leigh Nordan This is what I've been looking for and haven't found...'til now!!
    March 27 at 10:29pm · Like

    Karen Blackwell Pahl Love all the post's about this book! Would love a copy!
    March 27 at 10:31pm · Like

    Laura A. Clegg Would love to win it! My attention span doesn't go further than two skeins for a project. :)
    March 27 at 10:33pm · Like

    Aidan Gilbert I love knitting shawls!
    March 27 at 10:34pm · Like

    Bobbie Wilson So excited about this book!
    March 27 at 10:52pm · Like

    Sara Santos-Broyles OMG!!! I would sooooo totaly love to have a copy of the wonderful One+One: Scarves, Shawls & Shrugs!!! :)
    March 27 at 10:54pm · Like

    Anna Decker Wilson So love the shrugs and scarves!
    March 27 at 10:55pm · Like

    Sarah Vengersammy Beautiful shawls! Would love to try out the patterns!
    March 27 at 11:00pm · Like

    Marcia Brightman Great way to try out yarns I would not otherwise be able to afford if I needed to buy more than one skein
    March 27 at 11:01pm · Like

  24. And more continues here:

    Rita Schultz Hartman Look how pretty it sits on the shoulders!
    March 27 at 11:07pm · Like

    Elva Jeanne Syvertson great color, beautiful lace work :)
    March 27 at 11:11pm · Like

    Emily Weiss Hatch That's beautiful and I hope that this is my chance to win a nice new book for all the beautiful skein's that I would like to buy of such yarn as Artyarn that I just can't bring myself to buy more than one of!
    March 27 at 11:20pm · Like

    Aman Aulakh Beautiful capelet!
    March 27 at 11:24pm · Like

    Manda Shah Beautiful cover shawl.
    March 27 at 11:25pm · Like

    Brandi Rohnert Janssen got yarn for christmas that would be perfect for this shawl:)
    March 27 at 11:28pm · Like

    Penny Skalsvik What a special treat this would be!!
    March 27 at 11:29pm · Like

    Annika Roos-Gäddnäs Oh I hopa I win.
    March 27 at 11:29pm · Like

    Kathy Bays ♥
    March 27 at 11:32pm · Like

    Ruth Thompson If the cover is any indication, this book is a MUST have!
    March 27 at 11:38pm · Like

    Lunita Araya Q bello!!!!!!!!!!!!
    March 27 at 11:38pm · Like

    Lori Sulser Would love to have this in my collection!
    March 27 at 11:46pm · Like

    Kelli Bishop Love little projects and these patterns!
    March 27 at 11:52pm · Like

    Ann Kinderknecht I love the yarn in the picture!...I like knitting scarves and shawls as you do not need an exact fit....and they are fun!
    March 27 at 11:54pm · Like

    Monika Tichy I love this book! Must have looked through the patterns at ravelry a hundred times already :)
    March 28 at 12:00am · Like · 1

    Cheri Monsen I have some lovely green laceweight alpaca my dear online friend sent me that would be perfect for something in that book! :)
    March 28 at 12:02am · Like

  25. And the last batch (there were really a lot of people):

    Lorraine Tilbury I also was given 2 beautiful skeins as a gift of pale green Regal Silk and Silk Mohair. Would be great to make something from the book with them.
    March 28 at 12:14am · Like

    Julia Arnaruluk Zahle Sørensen Yay! I knit mostly shawls, and need new patterns! I love aestetics, Laura. I hope to win.
    March 28 at 12:53am · Like

    Heather Michelle Sterling Love shawl in book :D
    March 28 at 12:57am · Like

    Monique Heuseveldt I like this new book, and love small projects!
    March 28 at 1:08am · Like

    Barbara LeFleur Thank you for this offer. Your designs are truly lovely as well as cutting edge, and I am especially intrigued by the detached lace sleeve I saw on one of the mannequins. What an interesting idea.
    March 28 at 1:29am · Like

    Julia Oberhardt This is a lovely book of shawls!!!
    March 28 at 1:52am · Like

    ConnieLene Johnston I love the two cover pieces, am longing to see what is inside.
    March 28 at 2:22am · Like

    Adriana Andújar Hey! not sure if you know this, but you should read the Facebook Ad & Promotions guidelines:
    March 28 at 2:47am · Like

    Karen Evans Wow, that looks absolutely beautiful - going to have to put the book on my wishlist if I don't win.
    March 28 at 2:47am · Like

    Amanda Hepworth-Shearer Fallen in love with the pattern on the cover, and that green! *swoon*
    March 28 at 3:53am · Like

    Jodie Dessert Beautiful! I would love to make them all!
    March 28 at 5:18am · Like

    Elspa Metzdorff I love! love! love! breathtaking!
    March 28 at 5:34am · Like

    Brett-rae Glotzer Would LOVE to win a copy!
    March 28 at 5:34am · Like

    Pamela Lewis Looks like a nice book
    March 28 at 6:25am · Like

    Lyndsay Thibault ekk... me please.
    March 28 at 6:30am · Like

    Janel Gradowski Iris always designs such beautiful patterns!
    March 28 at 6:53am · Like

    Trisha Presnell Ooooooo! I love the caplet on the cover! I have never knitted one before... Looks like a good one to start with...
    March 28 at 6:58am · Like

    Colleen Janeiro Your new book looks lovely!
    March 28 at 7:06am · Like

    LuAnne Allen Rosa Such beautiful loveliness!
    March 28 at 7:16am · Like

    Juta Cilliers Boegman Wow!
    March 28 at 7:16am · Like

    Andrea Trox I'm in for it!
    March 28 at 7:17am · Like

    Corinne Borlase I love books like this! Quick, fun projects to give to friends or donate to charity. Crossing my fingers.
    March 28 at 7:41am · Like

  26. Wow! Awesome book. Good luck to me!