Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Sweater World! My Job- My Everyday!

I have landed my first job at Polo Ralph Lauren just out of school: joined the Polo Jeans crew to be a part of their Sweater Team!

A lot of times I am being asked what I do at work…thinking that we just draw pretty pictures…well- that too…but it is way more complex than just that: my everyday consists of doing lots of fashion research, sharing ideas, having extensive design meetings, choosing yarns, choosing colors, fitting the prototypes to make sure they look good on, creating technical packages for the factories to follow, communicating with the factories on any questions they might have about our designs, providing any construction diagrams they need to understand the sweater details we want…and many other little things to assure the end result of the product to be flawless… This fall Europe & Asia can enjoy our sweaters in their stores already:

Images from Polo Jeans Fall'10 Add Campaign

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